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Easter headache

Easter eggsHas the Easter holiday given you a headache? Not because of all that chocolate, but because it’s on a different date every year and messes up the school holidays, especially if you have kids at different schools in different areas.

The National Secular Society is campaigning to have the Easter holiday fixed, while a parents’ organisation, The Day Care Trust, says the staggered holidays cost parents a fortune in child care costs.

Brown compromise over embryo vote

Gordon Brown says Labour MPs will get a free vote on the most controversial parts of the new embryology Bill.

The MPs will be able to follow their consciences in three areas – including allowing scientists to create embryos with human DNA and animal cells.

But the prime minister expects all Labour MPs to back the whole bill when it comes to the final Commons vote.

The PM offered the deal after warnings that some Catholic Labour MPs and cabinet ministers were ready to rebel.

Joan Smith: Sorry, God. You’re not on the guest list

When the leaders of 27 countries meet in Berlin today to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the EU, there will be one significant absence. To the annoyance of many Poles, who have what is arguably the most crackpot right-wing government in Europe, God has not been invited to the party.

Iranian lesbian who fled to Britain faces deportation

An Iranian lesbian who fled to Britain after her girlfriend was arrested and sentenced to death faces being forcibly returned after losing the latest round in her battle to be granted asylum.

The case of Pegah Emambakhsh, 40, comes a day after The Independent reported on the growing public outcry over the plight of a gay Iranian teenager who fears he will be executed if he is deported to Iran.

Both cases have provoked international protests against Britain and led to calls for an immediate moratorium on the deportation of gay and lesbian asylum-seekers who fear they will be persecuted in Iran.

Lords Approve Abolition Of Blasphemy

After an acrimonious debate in which the bogeyman of secularism was repeatedly invoked, on Wednesday March 5th 2008 the House of Lords accepted the amendment to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill that abolishes the common law of blasphemy and blasphemous libel.

Times Online – The Blasphemy Collection

The concept of blasphemy seemed for some decades to be in decline in the West, but not any more. It may be useful to look back at some recent cases of militantly religious outrage…