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Archbishop of Canterbury warns sharia law in Britain is inevitable

The Archbishop of Canterbury provoked a chorus of criticism yesterday by predicting that it was “unavoidable” that elements of Islamic sharia law would be introduced in Britain.

Christian and secular groups joined senior politicians to condemn Rowan Williams’ view that there was a place for a “constructive accommodation with some aspects of Muslim law” over such issues as marriage.

Faith Central – Times Online – Dawkins’ ghouls

It takes quite a lot to make Richard Dawkins look like a charitable, kindly injured innocent, but the trick has been managed by a ghastly group calling themselves the Pilgrim Baptist Church, who run a funeral oration site and (though the Prof is in robust health) have announced Dawkins’ memorial service for Friday, pronouncing “Richard Dawkins has proven to be one of the most wicked human beings to ever walk the earth” (hard luck, Hitler).

Times Online – Britain to get Jedi Church

The first Jedi Church in the UK is to open on Holyhead. Two brothers, who consider themselves Jedi Knights, have decided to set up the church as a meeting point for the 300,000 Britons who claimed Jedi as their religion in the national census in 2003.

Video – The Jonathan Dimbleby Big Debate – Religion in Schools | Teachers TV

The Jonathan Dimbleby Big Debate – Religion in Schools | Teachers TV.

You can either watch the 60 minute video online or download it from the Teachers’ TV website. The synopsis is as follows:

Jonathan Dimbleby and a panel of experts come together to debate the controversial subject of religion in Britain’s schools.

School Assembly revamp – Libby Purves

The UK government is planning to review the law on ‘collective worship’ in state schools. It is compulsory – indeed more compulsory in the letter than in the usual practice; and teachers must, however wearily, devise a ‘broadly Christian’ message for the whole school.

Scrapping the blasphemy law

House of CommonsThank you to everyone who lobbied his or her MP on the blasphemy issue. In the House of Commons this evening, Dr Evan Harris MP stated the case for abolition clearly and eloquently. At the end, Government Justice Minister Maria Eagle said they had “every sympathy for the case for formal abolition” and promised that the Government would bring in its own amendment, after a swift consultation with the C of E. Dr Harris withdrew his amendment.

Assuming nothing goes wrong, it seems that blasphemy will be removed from the statute books before long.