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The youth of today, eh?

THE Church of England has debunked the widely held view that young people are spiritual seekers on a journey to find transcendent truths to fill the “God-shaped hole” within them.

A report published by the Church today indicates that young people are quite happy with a life without God and prefer car boot sales to church.

If they think about church at all, the images young people come up with are “cardigans”, “sandals and socks”, “corrupt”, “traditionalist” and “stagnant”.

Link: Church seeks spirituality of youth . . . and doesn’t like what it finds – Britain – Times Online


Guardian Comment is Free siteThe Guardian’s Comment is Free website was recently introduced in the UK, aiming to emulate the highly successful US-based discussion website the Huffington Post as a home for comment and discussion on a variety of topics, mainly political. Comment is Free, like the Huffington Post, aims to attract a more eclectic readership than would usually take part in discussions on the Internet, with articles written by journalists, politicians and playwrights.

Since Comment is Free has been in business, one topic which consistently attracts more comments, discussion and all-round vitriol than virtually any other is, unsurprisingly, religion.

This is a clash of civilisations, between reason and superstition – Humanist Polly Toynbee in the Guardian

Just as the NUT campaigns against faith schools and a Government adviser is arrested over the honours for City Academy sponsors scandal, Polly Toynbee writes "If ever there was a time to set out the unequivocal value of a secular state, it must be now."

Link: Guardian Unlimited | Columnists | This is a clash of civilisations – between reason and superstition

Meanwhile, back in cloud cuckoo land, Peter Franklin’s Guardian comment is all about "secular supremacists" and education. Feel free to let him know the folly of his argument.

Curb influence of religions in schools, says NUT

Rebecca Smithers, Guardian education editor
Friday April 7, 2006

“Teachers are to call for an end to state funding for faith schools in an attempt to halt the growing influence of religious organisations in education and end the controversial teaching of creationism. Britain’s biggest teaching union, the National Union of Teachers, warned yesterday that religious fundamentalists were gaining control of state schools – predominantly through the government’s city academy programme – and some private businesses had too much influence over the curriculum.”

Link: EducationGuardian.co.uk | News crumb | Curb influence of religions in schools, says NUT