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Mark Steel on the Commons capitulation to the Catholics on sex education

You may have read elsewhere about the shameful way that the House of Commons voted for Ed Balls’ amendment to the Children, Schools and Families Bill, which means that the Catholics are crowing that they’ve won the right to teach a different version of sex education to other schools. Mark Steel (in the Independent) asked,

How can there be so many lunatics opposed to sex education? And apart from anything else, what makes them think a lesson about sex is going to make kids go out and immediately have sex? It’s education about it, not an instruction to get it done before dinner break. Maybe they should demand an end to history lessons as well on the grounds that “I don’t want my fourteen-year-old learning about Napoleon as he’s too young to invade Italy.”

Urgent! Contact your MP about threat to s*x education

On Tuesday 23rd February (next Tuesday) there’ll be a parliamentary debate about the Government’s own amendment to its Children, Schools and Families Bill, which would enable faith schools to teach their own skewed versions of sex and relationships education. Please read the BHA’s report on this, and contact your MP urgently.

(Note: the asterisk used in the heading is to avoid the wrong sort of Internet attention).