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International aid funds used to pay for the Pope’s visit

The British Humanist Association reports that £2 million towards the cost of the Pope’s visit to the UK last year came from the Department for International Development (DfID), justified as a recognition of “the Catholic Church’s role as a major provider of health and education services in developing countries”. The BHA has dismissed this as “irrational and wrong”.

The Pope in Spain – more insults and lies

The Pope started his visit to Spain in much the same way that he greeted the UK; by blaming just about everything he disliked on atheists and rewriting Spanish history. Prime Minister Zapatero was more forthright in response, it seems, than our Prime Minister. The NSS reports,

The Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero reminded the Pope last week that Spain is a secular state after the pontiff attacked Government legislation on abortion, gay marriage and divorce.


The cats can relax. Now that the Pope’s gone home, I’ve stopped shouting at the TV. Who does he think he is, coming over here and telling us we’re “aggressive secularists”, and why does he imagine that the thousands of people who live here quite happily without religion have no morals? As for all that rubbish about atheists and the Nazis – he obviously reads the wrong history books.

I’ve complained to the BBC about the coverage – too much of it, too biased, too silly. I’m hoping that lots of other people did too, or they may not take much notice. They may not take much notice anyway. If that were the case, I might boycott BBC News, if it weren’t for the lovely Gavin Esler.

I wasn’t at the grammatically incorrect ‘Protest the Pope’ demonstration, but lots of people I know were, so there’s loads of stuff about it on the Internet.

If you didn’t find any of it, here’s some that’s worth reading…

Letter to the East Anglian Daily Times about the Pope’s speech

I’ve written to the East Anglian Daily Times, as follows:

Having just heard the Pope’s speech on arrival in the UK, I’m absolutely furious. It’s bad enough that we’re paying tens of thousands of £s for his promotional tour when the Government’s telling us we’re broke, then one of his minions describes us as like a “Third World country” – ironically, the man’s supposed to be a “diplomat”. Now those of us who don’t have a religious faith are aligned with the Nazis. Coming from someone who was in the Hitler Youth, this is astonishing.